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Lydia Davidson PhD upgrading seminar - 23/5/24

Lydia will be presenting at her upgrading seminar on 'Co-designing an infection prevention and control intervention with staff and families in a Zimbabwean neonatal unit' on Thursday the 23rd of May at 13:00 BST.

More information, and Zoom link below:

Reducing infections acquired in neonatal units (NNUs) is a complex challenge. High rates of infections, coupled with increasing antimicrobial resistance and associated mortality, underscore the pressing need to identify interventions for preventing infections in NNUs in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). Currently, there is limited evidence supporting effective infection prevention and control (IPC) in LMIC NNUs. While infection control care bundles (collections of evidence-based infection control practices) may be effective, existing evidence primarily focuses on devices such as ventilators or central-venous catheters, which are often unavailable in LMIC NNUs. Furthermore, despite their constant presence and hands-on care for neonates in NNUs, families have had limited involvement in IPC interventions. Any intervention introduced must, therefore, be not only feasible and acceptable for families, increasing the likelihood of uptake, but also practical and acceptable to NNU staff, including nurses, doctors, management, and cleaners. This PhD aims to co-design a feasible and acceptable infection prevention and control intervention with staff and families in a Zimbabwean NNU. Firstly, both qualitative and quantitative methods will be employed to carry out an in-depth situational analysis of IPC. Secondly, co-design will be used to design an IPC intervention with staff and families and explore if this approach could be used to design other complex interventions in LMIC NNUs. Thirdly, the designed intervention will be piloted alongside a parallel process evaluation. 


This PhD will 

  • Explore whether a co-design approach is feasible and acceptable, both between researchers and staff and between staff and families in a Zimbabwean neonatal unit.

  • Design a locally driven, feasible and acceptable, multimodal IPC intervention in a Zimbabwean neonatal unit that aims to reduce levels of hospital acquired infection.

Pilot the designed intervention with a parallel process evaluation.

Meeting ID: 941 8226 9758

Password: 842758

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