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CREATE PhD Programme meeting – Lusaka, Zambia – 16th to 19th January 2024

A fully-packed meeting was held in Lusaka, Zambia from the 16th to 19th January 2024 with 24 Programme fellows attending, along with supervisors, invited speakers and tutors, and members of the Programme Management Group.

The four days included PhD research presentations and discussions on the themes of bacterial infections, tuberculosis, and HIV, and malaria; and electronic poster presentations by newer PhD fellows who have either just begun or have yet to start.

Programme fellows attended a Digital Global Health Academy session on equitable partnerships, and there was also training session for supervisors.


Invited speakers from Zambart and other organizations in Zambia held skills sessions on community engagement, research wants from policy makers, and the role of sequencing, plus we discussed two key topics:  decarbonising global health and, how should researchers respond to the worsening human rights situation in Africa with specific reference to the LGBTQ+ community.


We also heard from Zambian researchers about their own PhD research and

experiences, and there was a visit to Zambart and the sequencing facility for fellows and any other interested parties.

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